The Retreat Shimla

Reserve Forest Sanctuary

Mashobra is often called the birdwatcher’s delight, and for very good reasons! The Reserve Forest Sanctuary in Mashobra houses one of Asia’s largest watersheds which acts as the source of water for Shimla and is among the best places to visit in Mashobra. Apart from being an important contributor to Shimla’s abundant water supply, this watershed contributes to the marshy topography of the sanctuary, which, along with its lush coniferous cover and the year-round pleasant weather, attract a number of birds to this region. Some of the most common bird species one can spot here include Himalayan eagles, pheasants, partridges and chukars.

Other than the birds, the park is a delight for trekkers and hikers who come here to camp under the lush covers of cedar, oak, and pine and amid scenic views of the Indus River. In fact, the forest reserve serves as an excellent unspoilt trekking and camping destination in Himachal