The Retreat Shimla

Mahasu Devta Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva who is locally known as Mahasu Devta in the rural areas near Mashobra, Mahasu Devta temple is a popular shrine for the locals and a delight for travelers who come here to pay their respects. People derive immense pleasure by immersing in the peaceful aura of this holy sanctum. Another reason why it’s among the most popular places to visit in Mashobra is the two-day Mahasu Jatra festival which is held here on the third Tuesday of May every year to celebrate the shifting of Lord Shiva’s idol in the temple. The festival is marked by folk songs, the tribal dance of Natti, goat sacrifice, archery competition and various other rituals performed and enjoyed here at this time both by locals and travelers.

If one wishes to witness the truest version of the Mahasu Jatra festival in India, they can only witness it in Mashobra during these two days when people from nearby villages flock to this town to be part of a traditional form of ‘pooja’ performed during the festival.

Attending the festival is an absolute must for those who wish to explore the unexplored traditions, festivals, and religious practices of different communities of India in a vivid cultural mix.