The Retreat Shimla


Built by an Italian photographer Chevalier Federico Pelite, Craignano is an Italian villa set at a height of 7,700 ft above sea level in Mashobra. Chevalier had built the villa as a tribute to his hometown in Italy, and it now serves as one of the most elegant Mashobra places to visit for travelers. It’s a popular tourist destination for all visiting the beautiful town of Shimla and Mashobra. The villa is built entirely with wood and is flanked by sparkling streams and cedar and pine trees on all its sides.

Other characteristic features that define Craignano Mashobra are its neatly manicured lawns, old-worldy stone benches and vintage night lamps belonging to the colonial period. The villa is also known for its water lift which is apparently the highest in the world.

The villa stands as a unique entity on the lands of Mashobra that attracts a number of tourists to this place. Apart from being an architectural marvel and a tourist magnet, the villa is also a hub of various adventure activities like rappelling, rock climbing, and fishing that it hosts for travelers regularly.